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Sean Gilroy

Head of Cognitive Design & Neurodiversity Lead
I am the Head of Cognitive Design for BBC UX&D and the BBC’s formative Neurodiversity lead, based at MediaCityUK in Salford, England.

In 2014 I co-created and led a small team researching the challenges facing Neurodivergent individuals in employment. This research delivered a series of recommendations and solutions and led to the formation of BBC CAPE, a unique initiative that advocates the concept of Neurodiversity and the strengths and abilities of people with neurodivergent conditions.

From CAPE, I then created the Cognitive Design function as part of the BBC’s UX&D team, through which I evangelise, shape and deliver an ambition to understand and evolve Cognitive Design, a research initiative exploring Neurodivergency & Diversity of Thought as platforms to deliver evolved design products and solutions.

I have delivered keynotes and participated on panels at conferences and events internationally, written and contributed to published online articles and advised the UK Governments cross-party commission on Neurodiversity in Employment.

I advocate the skills and abilities of individuals with cognitive differences and learning disabilities, as well as supporting the wider accessibility and inclusion agenda.

I passionately believe in the concepts of Cognitive Design, Neurodiversity and Diversity of Thought and their increasing significance to business and society as we approach the 4th industrial revolution.

I am also interested in the part Technology will increasingly play within society, specifically as a tool to help previously under-represented minorities gain access to their environment and communities, as well as the opportunities it holds to be able to provide and enhance learning and education, specifically addressing issues concerning learning styles, physical and geographical accessibility and continuing development in business and employment.